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Enjoy the CHAMPAGNE, steal a kiss, enjoy every . Single . moment.
we’ll take care of the rest!


There are no re-do’s on a wedding day.  Once that moment passes, it’s gone forever… But it doesn’t have to be!  The warmth of the hug from your dad that you’ll always feel on your skin, the tears of joy streaming down your mom’s (or in my case - my husbands face!)… those are moments you can never re-create and it’s truly remarkable how a great photographer can preserve those little, or honestly, not-so-little moments.  I always tell my couples that choosing the RIGHT photographer is one of the most important parts of planning your big day!  You want someone who has experience shooting and organizing weddings.  Someone who knows what to expect. Someone who obviously takes BOMB photos (duh!) and most importantly is EASY and FUN to work with at the same time.  

There will be portions of the day that don’t go expected (just plan on that!) and those are the moments when my experience and personality shine.  Grandma Nancy is ALWAYS inevitably at the bar having a cocktail when she should be out front for family formals…  (We do our best to prevent that as well, but I’ll tell you more about that later!)  That’s when my team and I step in!  You shouldn’t be chasing after Grandma Nancy or a wild groomsman.

You should be enjoying a glass of champagne, stealing away a kiss, and taking in every precious moment with your new spouse.

I pride myself on making those unplanned moments calm and collected while STILL creating your Pinterest worthy wedding photos.  I can’t stress to you how much a photographers personality plays into the events of your wedding day.  If my work, personality, and style seem like a good fit for you, I would love to grab coffee or a drink and chat about your big day!!  Message me here so we can get a date on the books.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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HEY Y’all!

I’m Jenny Marlowe Marvin. I’m a lover of music, high top converse, Dunkin Donuts coffee and photographing ridiculously amazing people!  My husband, Blake, and I are the biggest travel junkies and we’re known to explore new cities and countries multiple times a year. Our goal is to create a life of unique experiences and when we travel, I never put down my camera.  Some of our favorite places have been Cinque Terre - off the Italian coast, Dublin, Paris, Switzerland, South Korea, and I’m pretty sure New York will NEVER, and I mean - never, get old for me! Are you an adventurer? Do you love crazy, cool photos in crazy, cool locations? If so, we should definitely chat!!