I’m SO glad you stopped by! I know that the “About Me” section is the place where you obviously get to know a little about me, but more importantly, I think you should know WHY I love being a photographer. To start off, I’ll just give you a few quick “Jenny” facts; I am a lover of high top converse, traveling the world, almost every type of music, and I am one of those people that runs on Dunkin Donuts coffee… BUT what really makes me tick is getting messages like the one below…


Getting a text like this after I post a sneak peek online makes my day. I love to make people feel beautiful, to feel empowered, to document their growing family and all the quirks of that time of life. There’s something just so magical about candid, nose-scrunching, wrinkle-inducing, laughter-filled pictures that makes me want to photograph people every day for the rest of my life.

Every single person I meet has a different story to tell. Has different interests. Has different talents. That’s why I’m not just your cookie cutter photographer. If you’re an adventurer and want to climb to the top of a mountain for photos, I’m game.


If you want to go to a Racetrack because that’s where you spend most of your time, BRING ON THE FAST CARS! If you’re someone who loves your home and how your families memories are wrapped up inside those walls, let’s get some HGTV worthy photos for you!

Half of the reason, I even started my photography business was because I am not the person who can sit behind a desk all day. I want to move, enjoy the sunshine, CREATE, and travel at the drop of the hat. (I’m pretty sure my husband is sick of hearing, “babe, they only have $50 deposits on cruises right now!” lol)

I tried to do the whole 9-5, matching 401K job and it just wasn’t for me. It’s amazing that others thrive in that situation, but I just didn’t feel inspired or like I was giving back how I wanted to. I feel so much passion in working with people and empowering people to know that WHO they are is PERFECT! (Don’t shake your head and think you’re not perfect…. because you are!) Photography has allowed me to create a life I love, meet people I love even more, and document beautiful moments that MATTER!

Below you’ll see some of the moments that matter to me most! Most of them include my crazy, amazing husband Blake, our sweet pup, Tasia, my incredible family, and places that will forever hold a spot in my heart and passport!

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