Intro To Photography Class

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Do you want to learn how to use that nice DSLR camera you bought years ago and it’s just sitting there collecting dust because you don’t know how to use it?!?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

If so, Katie Bradshaw of KB Digital Designs and I are here to help!!!! Join us Saturday, July 20th from 11-3 at Balistreri Vineyards for our Intro To Photography Workshop! We have 4 hours of hands on learning (bring your cameras) planned for you. Each participant will get a workbook, light lunch, some amazing wine) and the chance to be a winner in our random gift drawings!


Space is limited to 20 participants to ensure a quality learning experience. You can also expect breakout shooting sessions and time for q&a. We will have several raffles day of including one lucky participant receiving a full refund on their ticket!

Share this post or tag your friends for your chance to win your money back! Every tag/share counts as an entry. We’ll be drawing names on the day of the workshop!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Brandy & Mike {Colorado Springs Wedding}

Last night, the snow started pouring down and I think everyone started to wonder what today, Brandy and Mike's Wedding day, might be like. Without a doubt, the little flecks of snow made the day even more beautiful than we could have all imagined!


Brandy and Mike were surrounded today by their incredibly amazing family and friends and I was so grateful to be a part. I am even more excited after going through their photos this evening.  :) I can't wait to share the rest, but here are a few of my absolute favorites. Happy Wedding Day you two love birds!! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!

Venue: Cordera Community Center (Colorado Springs)

Dress: Anthropologie

How to make the most of your session!

So many people wonder what it is that makes a great picture. Sure, it’s on the photographer to know their craft and create beautiful lighting with their subject BUT there are definitely things you can do as the subject to make the photo POP! The Secret?!?! It’s allllll in the details!  


The details are what matter most to me and are what finish a photo. Accessories (bracelets, earrings, hats, etc) are a little thing but make a HUGE difference, ironed clothes that fit the vibe you’re wanting to see in your images, getting a manicure, having your hair and makeup done so you are the best version of yourself... these are all things that 💯% change the game in photoshoots. 


Wedding photos normally turn out beautifully because all of these details are thought of in advance. SO, if you’re wanting to get photos for your Instagram/business, new headshots, family photos... just remember that the small details usually make the BIGGEST difference! Get your hair and make-up done and I PROMISE you will love your photos that much more! ❤️

Wedding Venue: Crooked Willow (Larkspur, CO)

Portrait Venue: The Factory at Franklin

Ajaye Jardine

Whoever thinks taking pictures is boring or hard has never been on a shoot with us! Haha 🤣 Bringing fun and playfullness to a photoshoot is the only way to really get the true essence of YOU onto my camera sensor. So when you book with us be ready to have some fun! 

Ajaye Jardine is a Canadian country singer based in Nashville, TN and she is one of those people you go out of your way to make a show of hers. She is GORGEOUS, ridiculously talented in the music department and is knocking down all the walls in Nashville.

Puppy Love

Could anyone else use some puppy love today?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ This little love bug was so tiny he fit perfectly into that hiking backpack and I don’t think I’ve ever been more overloaded by cuteness! 😍 Now if only I could pack him in the bags I’m packing right now to go to Nashville... Haha 

I’ve been running around like crazy today because we fly tonight back to Nashville for some photoshoots SOOOO, I’m checking off ALLL my packing lists! Here’s to hoping I don’t forget anything 🤞🏻

Meet Babe and Hank. Two of the sweetest pups and seriously made me swoon over their cuteness!

Pure Joy and Portraits at Balboa Park

Some days you just meet people and you know, without a doubt, that they were exactly who you were supposed to be with that day. You were supposed to cross paths for some reason. These Cali girls were exactly that! They are three best friends who have the most incredible spirits and I'm pretty sure we all never stopped laughing! But more importantly, their generous spirit uplifted me so much during a week of ups and downs!


Blake and I met Mackenzie (the gorgeous blondie in the orange) while we were on a transatlantic cruise from Miami to Barcelona. It's such a small world that we ended meeting at karaoke night (shocking, I know... !) We hit it off with both she and her mom and now luckily we've stayed in touch through the past year. I'm so glad the clouds in San Diego cleared up perfectly for our shoot! I'm always down for cloudy days, because the lighting is normally perfectly diffused, but MAN that SoCal sunshine is just hard to beat! 


Thank you Mackenzie, Megan, Diana & Blake for making my last few days in SoCal So perfect!!


When I try to get 1 good picture with my puppy girl and all she’s thinking is “oh that ain’t happening!” 

Happy Accidents!

How many of you feel like you scroll through your photo gallery and waste soo much time trying to pick the “perfect” picture?? Or even write the “perfect” post?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (I am definitely not excluded in this!) Here’s the secret.... there is no such thing as perfect... there is only the perfectly, unique YOU!🙌🏻

It’s funny because I’m very rarely in front of the camera (although I do have some Disney pics to share ❤️) and sometimes I feel like if I share a photo I’ve taken, I don’t get the same response as I do when I post a ME pic. I think that’s just so symbolic to us all though. People want to know YOUUUUUUU!!!! The ❤️ heart of you and even even what inspires you. So I’m trying to give y’all some insight into me even when I post pictures of crazy, beautiful people like @mandymcmillanmusic here. And I challenge you to let people know who you are in your posts as well (without the stress of “perfect”)😏 ❤️


This photo was actually a little bit of a happy accident. I have this spot in Nashville I love to photograph at and the day I shot this, it was raining soooo hard. We ended up in the little cove (aka a bathroom entryway 😂) that I wouldn’t have normally seen. The lighting here was just coming in from natural light and you can even see some rain marks on the concrete. I’m always trying to see new ways to do things but that day I’m so glad the rain pushed us into creating something new.

San Diego Getaway

This week has been a beautiful mix of ups and downs. I spent some time at the beach and at yoga class (to the point I had a hard time walking for the past few days!) but overall, I tried to just relax and listen to my body for what it needed. Mainly, it needed sleep and TV movies :)


I think sometimes, as an entrepreneur, I get so stuck in the cycle of “if I’m not CRAZY busy alllll the time, I’m not worthy” but that is nothing but a big, fat lie. Sometimes in the quiet moments, I get my best ideas or something finally clicks for me. Today I hope you can PLAN some downtime for your self! 


- Grab a Coffee On Your Own
- Get a Massage
- Watch a movie that you love
- Get a Bath Bomb and soak

Whatever you do, just remember to give yourself grace and take care of yourself! 


Ps. props to my husband for becoming such an amazing photog/assistant/video guy ❤️ @ San Diego, California

Lockwood Barr

Isn’t Lockwood the most unique and beautiful name ever?! This girl is no different than her name. Unique, beautiful, talented…. the list goes on and on. She is a songwriter based out of Nashville, TN who can play the bejezus out of a Banjo and a guitar! You’ll find her touring the country and also playing quite a few dates at two of Nashville’s most respected venues; The Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room. Luckily, I also get to call her a friend! Here’s a quick sneak peek into her Glam shoot before a big evening out on the town!

Love Birds and Paint Mines

The laughter and love I see in these two is just too cute for words! That's why I love how much photos tell a deeper story.

I have been lucky enough to know Caley for about 6 years and I could not be more excited for her to say "YES!" to the man of her dreams this summer at Lake George! I cannot wait to be there to celebrate and photograph for you two.

Thank you also for such a fun day together at the Paint Mines, I'm so glad we braved the FREEZING weather and you were game for the hike to get these shots for you! Happy engagement you love birds!

Cheetham Family - Boulder, CO


I love when photoshoots take me to new places in Colorado I haven't seen yet! Yesterday, I got to hang out with this beautiful family who all came into town for the holidays and also to celebrate their dad's 60th birthday. Although it was FREEEEEZING, we had so much fun and I'm so glad we got to make this happen while they were all in town! Thank you for thinking of me Rachel!! 

The Cramer Family

Now is the time to update those pictures for the once-a-year tradition…. Christmas cards!! (If my husband were writing this, he would probably be so giddy just to mention Christmas that he’d be running around like Buddy The Elf screaming “SANTAAAAAAA”! You think I’m joking… but I’m totally not! This is my oldest sister, Becky’s, GORGEOUS family and I am SO grateful they always entrust me to photograph them for their yearly pictures!

I’m always so busy photographing around November and December that sometimes its not until a week before Christmas that I sit down and finally get to reflect on the past year. In those quiet moments, I always turn on some music (usually Sara Bareilles!) enjoy a hot cup of coffee and then sit down to anxiously open all of the Christmas cards from my family, friends and clients! Opening all of those cards that are hand addressed and capture some of the most notable moments of the past year always make me nostalgic and reflective about my past year as well. Did I live like I wanted? Did I love like I should have? Did I give enough to help others? Did I say YES, and dare to dream the dreams of my heart without question?

I hope you enjoyed every moment of this past year! Including the ones that were maybe not so “beautiful” on the outside. Every day is a gift and every day we have a chance to learn and move forward. So LIVE LIFE to fullest every day and go enjoy your beautiful lives!!!!

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Brent & Ginny

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine for the soul! I loved that these two had so much fun together in the short time we got to celebrate Christmas with them. Brent and Ginny treated my husband, Blake, and I to a fantastic dinner and drinks a few days ago and it was a fun evening of conversation. Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays to all of you!!!! I’m wishing that all of your dreams, wishes, and goals come true this coming year! #CheersTo2019

Location: Parker, Colorado

Bryce Hitchcock

This girl can do it all. She can sing, play, and is not only amazingly gorgeous but also has a heart of gold! It was so fun shooting with her at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville while they were in the midst of all of their Christmas celebrations! She’s writing with some incredible people in Nashville and I can’t wait to see all that life has in store for her! Check her out on instagram if you haven’t had the chance to yet!

Location: Gaylord Opryland Hotel- Nashville, TN

Snow and Sunshine - Colorado Photographer

It’s always so fun to photograph people who are important in your life! My mother-in-law, Julie and her husband, Ray were able to make some time to get some Christmas photos together and we even got to add their little (or should I say BIG) fur ball, Sammy, to the mix! I’m so grateful the weather cooperated with us for our quick session. :) Being that we’ve just newly moved back to Colorado we couldn’t be more excited to be around our family and friends!

Location: Colorado Springs, CO