The Cramer Family

Now is the time to update those pictures for the once-a-year tradition…. Christmas cards!! (If my husband were writing this, he would probably be so giddy just to mention Christmas that he’d be running around like Buddy The Elf screaming “SANTAAAAAAA”! You think I’m joking… but I’m totally not! This is my oldest sister, Becky’s, GORGEOUS family and I am SO grateful they always entrust me to photograph them for their yearly pictures!

I’m always so busy photographing around November and December that sometimes its not until a week before Christmas that I sit down and finally get to reflect on the past year. In those quiet moments, I always turn on some music (usually Sara Bareilles!) enjoy a hot cup of coffee and then sit down to anxiously open all of the Christmas cards from my family, friends and clients! Opening all of those cards that are hand addressed and capture some of the most notable moments of the past year always make me nostalgic and reflective about my past year as well. Did I live like I wanted? Did I love like I should have? Did I give enough to help others? Did I say YES, and dare to dream the dreams of my heart without question?

I hope you enjoyed every moment of this past year! Including the ones that were maybe not so “beautiful” on the outside. Every day is a gift and every day we have a chance to learn and move forward. So LIVE LIFE to fullest every day and go enjoy your beautiful lives!!!!

Location: Colorado Springs, CO