Pure Joy and Portraits at Balboa Park

Some days you just meet people and you know, without a doubt, that they were exactly who you were supposed to be with that day. You were supposed to cross paths for some reason. These Cali girls were exactly that! They are three best friends who have the most incredible spirits and I'm pretty sure we all never stopped laughing! But more importantly, their generous spirit uplifted me so much during a week of ups and downs!


Blake and I met Mackenzie (the gorgeous blondie in the orange) while we were on a transatlantic cruise from Miami to Barcelona. It's such a small world that we ended meeting at karaoke night (shocking, I know... !) We hit it off with both she and her mom and now luckily we've stayed in touch through the past year. I'm so glad the clouds in San Diego cleared up perfectly for our shoot! I'm always down for cloudy days, because the lighting is normally perfectly diffused, but MAN that SoCal sunshine is just hard to beat! 


Thank you Mackenzie, Megan, Diana & Blake for making my last few days in SoCal So perfect!!