San Diego Getaway

This week has been a beautiful mix of ups and downs. I spent some time at the beach and at yoga class (to the point I had a hard time walking for the past few days!) but overall, I tried to just relax and listen to my body for what it needed. Mainly, it needed sleep and TV movies :)


I think sometimes, as an entrepreneur, I get so stuck in the cycle of “if I’m not CRAZY busy alllll the time, I’m not worthy” but that is nothing but a big, fat lie. Sometimes in the quiet moments, I get my best ideas or something finally clicks for me. Today I hope you can PLAN some downtime for your self! 


- Grab a Coffee On Your Own
- Get a Massage
- Watch a movie that you love
- Get a Bath Bomb and soak

Whatever you do, just remember to give yourself grace and take care of yourself! 


Ps. props to my husband for becoming such an amazing photog/assistant/video guy ❤️ @ San Diego, California