How to make the most of your session!

So many people wonder what it is that makes a great picture. Sure, it’s on the photographer to know their craft and create beautiful lighting with their subject BUT there are definitely things you can do as the subject to make the photo POP! The Secret?!?! It’s allllll in the details!  


The details are what matter most to me and are what finish a photo. Accessories (bracelets, earrings, hats, etc) are a little thing but make a HUGE difference, ironed clothes that fit the vibe you’re wanting to see in your images, getting a manicure, having your hair and makeup done so you are the best version of yourself... these are all things that 💯% change the game in photoshoots. 


Wedding photos normally turn out beautifully because all of these details are thought of in advance. SO, if you’re wanting to get photos for your Instagram/business, new headshots, family photos... just remember that the small details usually make the BIGGEST difference! Get your hair and make-up done and I PROMISE you will love your photos that much more! ❤️

Wedding Venue: Crooked Willow (Larkspur, CO)

Portrait Venue: The Factory at Franklin

Happy Accidents!

How many of you feel like you scroll through your photo gallery and waste soo much time trying to pick the “perfect” picture?? Or even write the “perfect” post?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (I am definitely not excluded in this!) Here’s the secret.... there is no such thing as perfect... there is only the perfectly, unique YOU!🙌🏻

It’s funny because I’m very rarely in front of the camera (although I do have some Disney pics to share ❤️) and sometimes I feel like if I share a photo I’ve taken, I don’t get the same response as I do when I post a ME pic. I think that’s just so symbolic to us all though. People want to know YOUUUUUUU!!!! The ❤️ heart of you and even even what inspires you. So I’m trying to give y’all some insight into me even when I post pictures of crazy, beautiful people like @mandymcmillanmusic here. And I challenge you to let people know who you are in your posts as well (without the stress of “perfect”)😏 ❤️


This photo was actually a little bit of a happy accident. I have this spot in Nashville I love to photograph at and the day I shot this, it was raining soooo hard. We ended up in the little cove (aka a bathroom entryway 😂) that I wouldn’t have normally seen. The lighting here was just coming in from natural light and you can even see some rain marks on the concrete. I’m always trying to see new ways to do things but that day I’m so glad the rain pushed us into creating something new.

Cheetham Family - Boulder, CO


I love when photoshoots take me to new places in Colorado I haven't seen yet! Yesterday, I got to hang out with this beautiful family who all came into town for the holidays and also to celebrate their dad's 60th birthday. Although it was FREEEEEZING, we had so much fun and I'm so glad we got to make this happen while they were all in town! Thank you for thinking of me Rachel!!